A “How To” Instagram Guide for Digital Marketers!

I’ve spent a lot of time learning about Instagram, but not like you might think.

I didn’t just want lots of people looking at my content…
I didn’t just want lots of followers…
I didn’t just want a bunch of comments…

I wanted to build a community that really trusted me and wanted to purchase my digital products.

This 38-page guide is filled with helpful tips to help you succeed in your business on Instagram!
It has been proven by @thehustlehomestead & @josh_thedadtreprenewer time and time again!

In fact, this is the EXACT strategy I am using to build and grow my own account. Applying this formula helped me reach almost 5k accounts in less than a week!


  • How to set up your account to attract the right people
  • How to use Instagram’s features like reels to grow your business
  • Whether you should use your personal account for business or make a new one, and the pros and cons of each
  • Ideas for making cool content that stands out
  • The four main types of posts that get lots of attention and make more sales
  • Tricks for always having ideas for what to post
  • How to make something called a “lead magnet” to get people interested in your business
  • Ways to sell your products without feeling “pushy” in your Instagram stories
  • A plan for growing your business in the short and long term
  • Words of encouragement and extra advice

And a BONUS?

RESELL RIGHTS so you can BRAND and sell this guide as your own!

Disclaimer: You are not entitled to a huge gain in following/reach/sales just by purchasing this guide. Every single person’s journey is different and unique. It all depends on how hard you choose to apply these strategies and well as possibly your own research!

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