Consults and Packages

Consults are 1-on-1 and completely confidential.

Initial Consult: 60-90 mins $140

This price does NOT include additional herbs, supplements or teas.

Online via Zoom Video Conference Software (similar to Skype).

What Maddie will need from you:
Upon booking, you will be emailed a 24-hour diet diary and health questionnaire which both need to be filled-in prior to the consultation to give Maddie an overview of your current diet and/or symptoms. The initial consult is the time to give Maddie as much information as you can about your health so she can get to the 'root' cause of your dis-ease. If you have any recent pathology results (in the last 12 months) also bring these along or email them to Maddie.

What's included:
The initial consult runs for 60-90 minutes, and is an in depth discussion of your personal and medical history, body systems, lifestyle and diet. This will give Maddie a comprehensive understanding of your current health picture. You will also inform Maddie of any health conditions, diagnoses or complaints, past and present.

Maddie will then work on an individualised treatment plan tailored to you, which will be emailed to you 24 hours after the consult. This treatment plan will include dietary and lifestyle advice, referrals for functional pathology testing (if needed) and a prescription of herbal and/or nutritional medicine which will be sent to you in the mail, to assist/support your body in the healing process. Maddie may also give you additional lifestyle and dietary handouts to accompany your treatment plan.

At the end of the consult you will arrange a follow up consult, usually 2 weeks after, to assess your progress and review your treatment plan.

Follow up Consult: 45-60 mins $100

This price does NOT include additional herbs, supplements or teas. 

What’s Included:
Standard follow up consults run for 45-60 minutes, and this is when Maddie will assess your progress as well as any new complaints or pathology results, and review your diet and prescription.

Follow up consults are regular in the initial stages of your healing journey to assess any changes and review/alter your prescription. Once Maddie can see improvements in your health, follow up consults will be less frequent.

Acute Consult: 20-30 mins $45

This price does NOT include additional herbs, supplements or teas.

What's Included:
An acute consult is designed to be a "quick fix" for those with an acute illness, such as hay-fever, colds, coughs, mild sleep disturbance, flu's and more.

You will discuss your symptoms with Maddie and she will come up with an acute treatment plan which may require an individualised 1 week bottle of herbs, supplements or tea.

Women's Wellness Package $280

What’s Included:
1 x Initial Consult
2 x Follow up Consults
1 x Comprehensive treatment plan including dietary and lifestyle advice as well as additional handouts.
1 x 500ml bottle of individualised herbal medicine (lasts 5 weeks). 

Any other recommended supplements that you wish to receive will be added at an additional price. 

Meal Plans $100

What Maddie will need from you:
- A 7 day diet diary that will be emailed to you prior, this needs to be filled-in honestly and accurately.
- Your top 3 health priorities e.g. clearer skin, improved digestion, hormonal balance, weight loss etc.
- Honesty and commitment to the meal plan.
- A note of any medications, allergies, intolerances, or health conditions you have.

What's included:
- A 7 day meal plan tailored to your taste preferences and health priorities as seen in your diet diary.
- Recipes to accompany your meal plan, either as links or attachments.
- Additional lifestyle and dietary advice to help you achieve your 3 health priorities.