Consultation Services

Initial Consult: 60-90 mins – $140

Location: Online via Zoom Video Conference Software (similar to Skype).

What’s Included:
The initial consult delves into your personal and medical history, body systems, lifestyle, and diet, providing a comprehensive understanding of your current health. Following the consultation, Maddie will craft an individualized treatment plan, including dietary and lifestyle advice, referrals for functional pathology testing (if needed), and a prescription of herbal and/or nutritional medicine. Additional lifestyle and dietary handouts may accompany the treatment plan. A follow-up consult is scheduled two weeks later to assess progress and review the treatment plan.

Follow-up Consult: 45-60 mins – $100

What’s Included:
Standard follow-up consults assess progress, new complaints, pathology results, and review your diet and prescription. Regular in the initial stages of your healing journey, follow-up consults become less frequent as improvements in health are observed.

Acute Consult: 20-30 mins – $45

What’s Included:
Designed as a “quick fix” for acute illnesses, this consult addresses symptoms such as hay-fever, colds, coughs, mild sleep disturbance, flu, and more. Maddie formulates an acute treatment plan, which may include an individualized 1-week supply of herbs, supplements, or tea.

Women’s Wellness Package – $280

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Initial Consult
  • 2 x Follow-up Consults
  • Comprehensive treatment plan with dietary and lifestyle advice, along with additional handouts.
  • 1 x 500ml bottle of individualized herbal medicine (lasts 5 weeks).

Any recommended supplements beyond this package will incur an additional cost.

Meal Plans – $100

What’s Included:
To create a personalized 7-day meal plan, Maddie requires a filled-in 7-day diet diary and information about your top 3 health priorities. The package comprises the meal plan tailored to your taste preferences and health priorities, accompanying recipes (either as links or attachments), and additional lifestyle and dietary advice to help achieve your health goals.