Ahimsa Naturopathy

Welcome to Ahimsa Naturopathy, where the essence of Ahimsa – respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others – illuminates every facet of our journey. 

As a degree-qualified Naturopath (BHSc), my specialisation lies in women’s health. I am devoted to providing unwavering support to women across all phases of their lives, all while maintaining respect and harmony with Mother Nature. 

My dedication takes form in the creation of 100% natural skincare products, thoughtfully handcrafted in the beautiful landscapes of the Northern Rivers of NSW. Recognising the profound impact of skincare on hormones, reproductive health, and the endocrine system, I strive to provide formulations that are in harmony with the body’s natural balance. 

Beyond skincare, my passion extends to educating women about the pivotal role of embracing a natural lifestyle free from toxins. I design personalised treatment plans that encompass dietary and lifestyle advice. When necessary, these plans may include the integration of herbal medicine and nutritional supplements, tailored to address individual health concerns. 

Join us, as we encompass well-being, harmony, and the elegance of embracing a natural lifestyle.